Lilias Ann Cameron

Lilias Ann Cameron was born in Elgin, Scotland in 1933, and painted all her life. Her early years in Scotland continue to influence her work to this day. Her years spent in that cold and damp, mist-shrouded country left her with a craving for warm colour and sunshine. However, there's a starkness in many of her paintings that portray the harshness of the Scottish landscape with wind-swept waves slapping at the shore below ominous high cliffs and boulders as gulls hover above, searching for food.

Lilias' mother was an art teacher so she grew up in a home filled with paintings, embroidery, textiles and knitting which gave her an appreciation for hand crafts. 


Ann's Story...


This 10 x 16 sampler is a portrayal of Lilias' life which she sees divided into three sections - childhood, the working years and retirement. The story begins with her birth in the shadows of the ruined Elgin Cathedral, followed by her childhood in a fishing village which celebrates the old year into the new by burning the clavie - a barrel of fire carried through the village. The second section reflect her children Rachel and Nathan from Korea, along with her 40 years teaching and the cars she owned. The third section is her retirement - the two roosters are for her grandsons Antonio and Marcello Gallo, while the heather represents her granddaughter Heather. The rest symbolizes her interest in Middle Eastern archeology, gardening and running. 


Lilias was later trained as a teacher at Moray House in Edinburgh, Jordonhouse and Glasgow, where she majored in art and textiles and took painting classes at the Glasgow School of Art. When she moved to Canada, Lilias continued her education at Emily Carr University, and received a BA and MEd at UBC followed by an Advanced Textile Diploma from Capilano College (now Capilano University). Lilian has been an active participant in the East Side Culture Crawl for many years.


Her interests are varied - Middle Eastern Archeology, gardening and half-marathon running.

Lilias continues to run and walk in the local marathons at her age of 83! She participated in the Vancouver SunRun this year and was set to walk the BMO Marathon this year but a schedule mix up prevented her participation. However, she's already planning to participate in next year's event!